Jeff D. Welker | About
Jeff D. Welker was introduced to photography by his father. During his formative years he spent considerable time in “dad’s” darkroom where the smell of hypo and faint glow of the safe light were his only contrasts to a near-black world of image making.

Beginning as a teen, Jeff often carried a camera as he explored the popular vistas and obscure locales of Arizona and the desert southwest. Forty years later, he continues to explore, camera in hand, and looking to make that next compelling photograph.

As an observer and photographer, Jeff uses cameras, lenses, computers, inks, and printers. His work has been recognized, published, and collected.

Mesa, Arizona, USA is home. Along with his wife, Jeff lives in the modest house they built together over 30 years ago. The nearby association of his children and grandchildren makes life better than he deserves.


I make photographs.

I want to show others how I interpret what my eyes see and my heart feels. I work to hone the tools of my craft so that my passion and my vision are realized. I use a camera and lens in the process of brining my art into existence - but the brand or technology is irrelevant. Whether emulsion or megapixels, it is the image that has the power to influence the hearts and minds of others. I chase light, I seek inspiration, and I marvel at the creativity that springs from finding my work.

I make photographs.